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Trip Facts

Waterfall Rappelling or Canyoning in Nepal is one of the concealed adventures which not many tourists know about. However, that doesn’t justify the thrill that Canyoning in Nepal provides. The waterfalls, formed among the canyons are ideal secret heaven for the hardcore adventure thrill-seekers.

Canyoning involves climbing down a gorge, using abseiling and other varieties of rope techniques. In a deep forest or remote cliffs, the only sounds you hear are the crashing of the water onto the rocks. Hence, Canyoning can be a fantastic full mind and body catharsis that allows you to explore a few of the least explored places in the Himalayas.

About trip

Nepal has always been an exciting destination for adventure seekers who like to push their limits, the rigid terrain and the lack of infrastructure at times may be seen as an obstacle but for hard core adventure seekers it's a boon. It's a heaven to those who like to experience the real test of adrenaline, who seeks the ultimate adventure and Canyoning combines the taste of adventure and athletics. To be precise, traveler and tourist love Nepal in practicing and living their adventure dreams where they do everything that possible.

Hidden Canyoning Such like, Canyoning is yet another adventure sports that enthralls it's follower with a new level of adventure and adrenalline. To be specific Canyoning involves various activities likes walking, scrabling, elembing jumping, abseiling and or swimming through a canyon upon creeks or streams with using various techniques of hiking, scrabling, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abselaling and rappelling. It's an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the spectacular views and sights giving you an amazing 360 experience of being suspended in the air.

To be specific it allows you to explore some of Nepal's most remote wilderness in the most adventurrous way that has never been seen or experienced. You will traverse through dense jungle, over deep pools and down rocky walls and waterfalls that make you feel the real Nepal. Canyon are generally formed with narrow gorges in numerous water outles that beautifully sculpted into the walls, and sometimes take the form of spectacular waterfalls. Most canyons are formed into limestone, sanstone, granite or basalt, through other rock types are found.

Technically canyoning is abscilling and rope work, technical climbing or down climbing, technical jumps and or technical swims done with a safety line attached from the top to end. It is a comprehensive package letting you control through the experience of adventure that requires technical skills of rope management through a stream of waterfall on a fixed wall. For this sport you need to be in your top physical shape with a precise mind. There are different packages available depending upon your skills and knowledge.


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